Meeting the needs of thousands of businesses from a myriad sectors is our goal, however we recognise that in today’s innovative world, some sectors are particularly well positioned for growth. Our aim is to unlock future opportunities, change the flow of goods, harness talent, and attract finance while considering the impact on supply chain efficiency and international as well as local regulations. This mission is particularly appropriate to the following sectors:



Giving you a taste of one of the world’s largest industries

The Food & Beverage (F&B) industry is widely known as one of the world's largest industries in terms of both revenue and employment. ln the UAE alone, the F&B industry is a major contributor to the country's thriving economy, particularly across its various segments such as production, processing, packaging, transporting, and distributing edible goods - from the farm (or factory) to the fork. To date, there are more than 430 F&B companies concentrated on production and distribution of edible goods located in Ajman Free Zone.


Gearing up for the future

The automotive market is considered to be one of the world's largest economic sectors, widely attributed to the large revenue it posts per annum. Today, the industry is shifting towards a more service-oriented model. The Ajman Free Zone is currently home to 96 companies involved in design, development manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles--making it one of the fastest growing sectors in the free zone.



Discovering a business that sees the real you

The Health & Beauty market is witnessing strong growth--widely attributed to the development of new and advanced digital technologies. These advancements represent an opportunity to transform the healthcare sector’s quality and efficiency. More than 200 health and beauty related companies reside in Ajman Free Zone.


Building our tomorrow, today

Ajman Free Zone continues to offer businesses with a wide range of options for the construction sector--from executive offices, warehouses to business centers, onsite accommodations. The free zone offers strategic business locations to various companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Come visit and see the plots of leasable land for all types of development. To date, there are more than 800 listed construction-based companies in the Ajman Free Zone.


Education and training is the best way to move forward

The country's education sector is currently witnessing a series of reforms. Ajman Free Zone is home to 170 education-based facilities that are highly suitable for advanced learning such as institutes, research centers, skills centers, universities, and international testing/exam centers.


Planting the seeds for a brighter future

Ajman Free Zone is currently working its way to becoming one of the most preferred destinations for agri-business and agricultural commodities--further marking its potential for great success. Currently hosting more than 20 agri-based companies, the goal is to support the increase of self-sufficiency from agricultural production and workforce in the agricultural sector by providing the ideal business location.


We help power the nation

The UAE is listed as one of the countries in the world with the highest per capita energy consumption, making it a key partner in the global energy markets. A large part of the country's domestic energy demand is met by natural gas comprising 61 per cent while the remainder is met exclusively by crude oil. Ajman Free Zone is well equipped to deliver integrated solutions across the oil and gas business. The free zone is currently home to 70 oil and gas companies operating in the UAE.


Unfold the future

The paper and packaging industry is experiencing steady growth accompanied by high potential for expansion with the introduction of new technologies and innovations. This is in response to the demand for packaging solutions that ensure product safety the moment it leaves the manufacturing plants until it reaches the end user. Currently, Ajman Free Zone houses 45 packaging companies which have found the free zone an ideal venue to operate in the region.


See the profits of a business marked in stone

The UAE is widely known over the world as one of the largest gold and diamond trading hubs. The strategic location of Ajman Free Zone has helped play a significant role in driving the commercial and industrial sectors in the emirate. The free zone has been home to 361 jewellery based companies--hosting a collection of the most spectacular jewelries, precious stones, gemstones, gold, silver, platinum, and many other high-end accessories & ornaments.


Communication for the next generation

Equipped with modern facilities, the Ajman Free Zone is well-positioned to become the new media hub in the Middle East, while already a home to more than 200 media-related outlets and agencies. The free zone is designed to meet the needs of creative professionals and media practitioners seeking for flexibility and cost-effective business setup. Its attractive packages and incentives coupled with the emirate’s affordable cost of living and strategic location makes Ajman Free Zone a preferred destination for emerging talents in the region.


Getting you into the deep business of the sea

Ajman Free Zone offers easy access to Ajman Port, delivering a host of marine services such as ship building, repair, management, consultancy, conversion, and offshore fabrication. The free zone hosts more than 90 marine based companies at present.


Clothing as unique as you are

The UAE's textile industry is the country's second largest industry, providing key employment opportunities. Apparel consumer trends, supply availability and online e-commerce shopping has become highly popular in Arab countries. Ajman Free Zone serves as a strategic hub for more than 320 textile-based companies-- offering the ability to import and export to the entire world with the most cost-effective advantages.


Innovations for better performance and productivity

Technology is rapidly transforming our world. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled systems are helping revolutionize various industry verticals, from commerce, healthcare to transportation and cybersecurity. Technology presents the potential to impact all aspects of society, particularly the economy. Currently Ajman Free Zone is home to more than 400 companies in the technology sector.


Play like a champion

Sports and athletics offer a strategic reflection of the progress of any country. For the UAE alone, its government provides key importance to the growth of its athletics program. In line with this, Ajman Free Zone offers several incentives aimed at facilitating the growth of sports business in the UAE, and the process of setting up a sport business in AFZ that is seamless.


Catalyzing nation’s growth & development

Apart from supplying the domestic construction industry with chemical binders and construction chemicals, chemical manufacturing industry also produces a lot of other essential items such as plastics and polymers, pesticides and fertilizers, and even toiletries. The UAE’s chemical manufacturing industry is well equipped to supply to both domestic and export markets. AFZ supports the industry by being home to 128 companies operating in this sector.


Backbone of economies around the world

Thanks to advanced infrastructure and modern facilities, Ajman Free Zone is well-positioned to become one of the most preferred location by traders in the country. Around 230 trading companies operating in the Free Zone belong to a broad array of industries and benefit from AFZ’s capabilities to serve an even wider array of customers.


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