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Throughout our thirty year history, meeting the evolving needs of our investor companies has stimulated new and innovative ideas that keep Ajman Free Zone competitive and progressive.

We accommodate a vast scope of businesses, representing many sectors, and common to all of them is a requirement for simplicity, flexibility and the type of nurturing support that will accommodate their growth and enable them to flourish.

We recognize that it is the diversity of business that underpins the economy of Ajman, and therefore we strive to offer a comprehensive range of packages and accommodation that suits a myriad requirements. We continue to listen carefully to our investor companies as they endeavor to remain agile, innovative and cost effective in an increasingly competitive business world. The act of simplifying business has long been one of our goals and is the reason why we have invested heavily in a digital transformation programme to make the business set-up and renewal processes straightforward. This is supported by an experienced team that continues to strive for best practice across all areas of our operation.

Working closely with our stakeholders to remain abreast of changing legislation, directives and market shifts that affect our investors is also our driver, and we remain committed in that process, always appreciative of our partners’ valuable input and assistance.

We are actively reaching out to the emerging economies of the world who are keen to see their businesses opportunize on the range of unique benefits we offer at Ajman Free Zone. We have established offices and representatives in many countries, including China, Russia, India and Kazakhstan from where we are able to communicate our unique proposition and advantages. Closer to home, we are engaging with entrepreneurs and trail-blazers from many sectors, through thought leadership platforms and showcases. Many have already established their businesses here and are enjoying sustained growth, and we welcome those who are approaching us for advice and guidance about making that first decisive step.

We remain committed to simplifying business, amplifying success.

With best wishes Sheikh Ahmed Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Chairman of Ajman Free Zone
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