F&B sector strengthens UAE’s economic diversification policy


F&B sector strengthens UAE’s economic diversification policy

As the UAE continues to promote key development projects that attract global investors and visitors, the food and beverage industry has seen steady growth over the past five years. With more new initiatives coming up designed to make the country the most preferred global destination, the F&B sector is poised to benefit from an array of opportunities.


The UAE has maintained its leading position as a top performer in the region for the F&B market and both international and home-grown brands are seen expanding their reach. As one of the top sector in the country, it has a significant contribution in increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and supports the country’s thrust on economic diversification as the way forward to maintaining prosperity in the future.


In this regard, the food processing industry has witnessed important new progress with more production facilities emerging in key locations, boosted further by the generous support of the government which promotes more domestic food production to meet self-sufficiency goals and food security goals.


Ajman Free Zone is among the leading free zones that continue to attract local, regional, and global F&B companies keen to seize the market opportunities in the country and expand their presence. Providing value-added packages and incentives have helped companies easily setup in the free zone and take advantage of its competitive features including the free zone’s strategic location, cost-efficient solutions, state-of-the-art facilities, and simplified business set-up processes.


The free zone is home to more than 430 F&B companies today, engaged in the production and distribution of a wide array of edible goods and the number of companies are expected to increase as the emirate is positioned to meet the growing needs of F&B investors seeking to locate their businesses in an ideal location that meet their infrastructure and cost requirements.



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