How customer care & support can guarantee customer satisfaction


How customer care & support can guarantee customer satisfaction

Customer support departments operate on a 24/7 basis since clients should have the ability to seek support and assistance anytime, anywhere. The demand for this service is further heightened by the proliferation of mobile devices today, which places added emphasis on the need for seamless connectivity between consumers and the manufacturer.

To help address this requirement, companies and organizations are now making investments to bolster the customer support aspect of their operations. The chief goal of these companies is to learn more about how they can improve customer service--be it through online support, on the phone or through traditional customer service desks at offices.

The delivery of seamless customer service remains an essential part of operations as it helps increase customer loyalty; increase the amount of money spent by each customer on the business; increase the frequency of purchase of product or availing of a service that your business offers; and lastly, generate positive feedback through word-of-mouth reviews about your business.

It is best to remember that implementing a customer service roadmap ensures a proper representation of your brand image--including the mission and values you aim to project before your target audiences. This of course, is achieved through your customer services team, who serve as the key link between you and your customers. They are important players in the move to relay to customers what you want your image to be. They are influencers that convince customers of the advantages and strengths you hold over your competitors.

At Ajman free zone, we understand the importance of maintaining and operating a customer care centre that is ready to answer and assist you with any of your concerns. Apart from being able to contact us via a set hotline number, our customer care representatives can also communicate with you via a live chat option on the AFZ website or via whatsapp. We believe that complete accessibility to customer service representatives is the best way to go in terms of making our customers feel cared for. AFZ's customer care centre is powered by a 6-point mission--to understand what the customers' needs and wants are; treat them with respect; live up to the promises made to them; handle the submitted complaints and feedbacks gracefully; exceed expectations and go the extra mile in assisting the customer.

Contact us at 800AFZA from Sundays to Thursdays between 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM or visit to connect with one of our highly skilled and talented customer care representatives.


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