Why you should invest in environment-friendly commercial property


Why you should invest in environment-friendly commercial property

Numerous businesses have embraced sustainability as an important part of their operations, and this trend is growing as well in the commercial building industry where eco-friendly building models and structures are fast gaining traction. Given the rising demand from companies, commercial building owners have begun moving towards adopting sustainable practices across their facilities.

One reason why a business opts for an environment-friendly commercial property can be due to the fact that it often results in higher savings thanks to reduced electricity and water expenses. This frees up money for businesses to use the savings to fund their other key projects.   

Improved property value is another factor motivating many companies to look for sustainable industrial spaces, which are considered more efficient than the traditional facilities. Commercial buildings equipped with ‘green’ fixtures and other sustainable modern tools are known to perform better and have consistently recorded enhanced overall cost efficiency.

Furthermore, sustainable buildings have better indoor air quality and are made of toxin-free materials. These are essential to protecting the health of the building occupants and tenants. 

A business with sustainability at the core of its operations also attract many customers. By being a sustainable business, a company does not only promote environmental protection, but it is well-positioned to gain new customers and win their loyalty.

Sustainable warehouses at Ajman Free Zone

More and more companies are now actively seeking sustainable buildings and eco-friendly industrial spaces. In the UAE, there is no shortage when it comes to this type of facility. Take for example in Ajman Free Zone, which boasts of many sustainable warehouses as among its unique features. With a total built-up area of 9,070 square meters, the free zone allocates 82 multipurpose units and service blocks that can be utilized as showrooms, warehouses or industrial facilities.

Some of Ajman Free Zone’s sustainability strategies include:

Installation of solar energy technology and energy-saving LED lamps Planned utilization of photovoltaic panels in its warehouses to generate power Usage of a better insulation system to lessen the energy required for the cooling units


Sustainability is the future. It is a way to go if businesses are to thrive and compete effectively. Incorporating this concept into building structures is not only critical, but it is also considered a smart investment that can lead to tremendous benefits.

To learn more about Ajman Free Zone’s sustainable warehousing options, please contact us at 800AFZA or visit www.afz.ae/en


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