Ajman Free Zone supports tourism as a key player in local economy


Ajman Free Zone supports tourism as a key player in local economy

The UAE relies on its travel and tourism industry as one of the major drivers of the local economy and its ambitious economic diversification policy. Therefore, the country continues to invest in the development of tourism-related infrastructure to attract businesses and investors to the leisure travel industry from across the globe. These efforts are set to further boost the local tourism by promoting the very factors that set the UAE apart from other leading tourism destinations in the world. Needless to say, the industry enjoys unwavering support from the wise leadership through various initiatives taken to promote tourism in the country. Even when the pandemic was at its peak, the UAE government pooled its resources to ensure that people would feel safe in visiting the country, either for business or leisure.

Ajman is home to a flourishing travel and tourism industry with opportunities to further cultivate profitable margins by drawing in tourists and business travelers from across the globe. To that end, Ajman Free Zone has adopted a policy to extend its wide range of services and support to businesses dealing in travel and tourism in the emirate and the UAE.


At present, Ajman Free Zone hosts more than 49 companies dealing in the travel and tourism sectors which have promoted areas such as food and beverage, retail, etc. Additionally, AFZ also counts around 17 art and culture ventures, which also play an important role in contributing towards the vibrancy of the tourism sector.


Ajman Free Zone remains committed to promoting and enhancing the competence of various businesses which add value to Ajman’s tourism industry and by extension, the tourism sector of the UAE. Besides, the free zone also focuses on rolling out new rules and regulations as well as policies to improve and complement the strategies of tourism companies in bringing in tourists and visitors.


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