Ajman Free Zone promotes sustainability to ensure robust cold chains


Ajman Free Zone promotes sustainability to ensure robust cold chains

Ajman Free Zone has been an advocate of sustainability and understands that it means more than just shifting to clean and renewable energy sources. The UAE’s focus on attaining sustainability for its various industries is driven by consumer expectations. Since the country aims to maintain a high standard of living for its population, the UAE has invested a lot in the cold chain industry to address the needs of the residents and citizens with respect to packaged food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical products.

However, cold chains consume a lot of energy in order to supply cold foods to the market which goes against the spirit of environmental sustainability. Hence, it is part of every company’s social responsibility to address this issue when employing cold chain operations as it can help balance growth and sustainability in cold chain logistics.


Given the UAE’s location and diverse population, there has been a steady expansion of the cold chain market in the regional industries, along with the increasing manufacturing and logistics activities. But the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the cold chain industry in the country, which has led the country to innovate and adapt sustainable practices to ensure that essential resources such as food and pharmaceutical products are delivered securely.


It is more important to innovate in order to address the threats of climate change by switching to sustainable practices. As consumers are becoming more and more aware of their responsibilities towards the environment, businesses must adapt accordingly and factor sustainability into all aspects of their operations, especially the supply chain. Ajman Free Zone has also joined the trendsetters in switching to more eco-friendly policies in its day-to-day operations. Running warehouses in a sustainable and responsible manner by using clean and renewable energy sources is one such step.


To achieve that, Ajman Free Zone has been working on developing an eco-friendly green zone which is now in its final phase of construction. The green zone contains warehouses which have been equipped with advanced technologies and designed in a way to help reduce electricity consumption and minimize its carbon footprint. It is one of Ajman Free Zone’s most ambitious projects and aims to help businesses transition towards more eco-friendly operations. The AFZ also supports its partners and clients who invest in the free zone to attain their sustainability goals by continuously improving its facilities and services and providing the right environment for the cold chain industry to flourish.


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