Ajman Free Zone extends support to education sector to bolster business landscape


Ajman Free Zone extends support to education sector to bolster business landscape

The education sector has grown over the past years as the UAE has seen a steady regional growth in student population. A strong market for private education has attracted investors to the country who are looking for the cream of the crop to hire for their organization. This trend will likely continue as there is a strong consumer preference for private education and the government’s interests towards privatization initiatives.

Valuations are directly proportional to investments. The more the investments, the more the valuations will rise in the sector. There is a wave of reforms coming in the education sector which has further facilitated capital being poured into upgrading the education sector to meet the demand.


In order to support the UAE in bolstering the education sector, Ajman Free Zone has extended its own support to the sector which will, in turn, bolster the emirate’s industrial and business landscape and, consequently, the local economy. Ajman Free Zone is home to more than 170 educational facilities with modern infrastructure that offers educational institutions a strategic location which is accessible for people within Ajman and is also suitable for the neighboring emirates.


Coupled with a multi-cluster approach and excellent facilities in the free zone, the AFZ hopes to further boost the expansion and growth of the education sector. By building the sector, other industries in the free zone will be able to meet their demand for highly trained and educated professionals and manpower.


In order to support its partners and clients, Ajman Free Zone continuously develops its facilities and services, setting up the right environment for the education sector to flourish so that educational institutions can continue to train the local population to achieve economic progress by building an affordable education hub in the region.


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