UAE opens tourist visa applications for fully vaccinated people to boost economy


UAE opens tourist visa applications for fully vaccinated people to boost economy

The tourism industry is one of the biggest and important economic drivers in the UAE, especially in diversifying the economy. Similar with the rest of the industries, it was also slowed down and disrupted by the effects of COVID-19. Thanks to the government’s wise handling of the crisis, various industries and sectors are rebounding and with the vaccination programs on full swing, people are again back to traveling. The UAE tourism sector is about to welcome back visitors while ensuring their health and safety.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced the opening of tourist visas applications for citizens from all countries, provided that they are fully vaccinated with WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines. The tourism industry is posed to play a pivotal role and will create a domino effect on the recovery of other economic sectors. The UAE aims to create a balance between economic growth and public health.


Ajman Free Zone is committed to play its role in the tourism industry. With its world-class facilities and infrastructures, AFZ plans to become a leading global hub that will boost the tourism sector and attract investments in the country.


Numerous companies operating within AFZ are directly engaged in the tourism industry such as those under arts and culture, while many more are indirectly contributing to the sector. With AFZ’s services and facilities, these companies are equipped with needed boost and support to enhance Ajman’s tourism sector. AFZ’s portfolio also include commercial offices, industrial warehouses, retail mall, and onsite accommodations to further serve these tourism companies. With world-class infrastructures for all business activities, AFZ is well-positioned to meet the needs of clients under the tourism sector. The strategic location also enables AFZ to effectively provide a link not just for the tourism industry, but also the hospitality sector. AFZ’s digital platform which can execute more than 150 essential services also enhances the clients’ business efficiency.


As the government continuously implement programs and initiatives to assist the recovery of the tourism industry, it is also important for the private sector to proactively support these initiatives. AFZ is committed to remain an active partner in every government endeavor towards the realization of the vision to become an international tourist hub. Aligning its services with the highest standards, AFZ is equipped to support Ajman’s tourism objectives, as well as the goals and aspirations of the UAE.


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