Freelancing in UAE: Pursuing key opportunities


Freelancing in UAE: Pursuing key opportunities

The concept of freelancing, or the gig economy, has been in existence for many years. While it is not new, its rise, however, has become even more impressive in today’s age of hyperconnectivity made possible by the internet.


Many people have gone into freelance work mainly to create additional sources of income. The motivation to accept freelance projects, however, has taken on a new dimension when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Amid job losses and reduced salaries during the global health crisis, affected employees have turned to freelance jobs to alleviate the impact caused by the virus.


With the growing gig economy, governments have begun to acknowledge the important role of freelancing in national growth and development. Freelancing in the UAE is still in its nascent stages, but local and federal authorities have stepped up their efforts to encourage people, especially UAE nationals, to engage in the practice.


One of the country’s key moves is to enforce a policy which allows people to work part-time as freelancers on the side through a freelance license. This and other relevant programs have resulted in an increased number of locals and residents getting into freelancing across the country.


Khaled Muhammad Badr, owner of One Click Business Center – FZE commented by saying: “This is my first private business within the Ajman Free Zone, which provides us with an ideal environment to encourage creativity, innovation and productivity. We look forward to continuing our efforts to provide the best management advice to all clients and VIPs. We sincerely thank the Ajman Free Zone for the continuous support given to us, providing us with a positive environment to pursue our business goals that contribute to the growth of the national economy.”

In Ajman, the trend is no different. At Ajman Free Zone, for instance, freelancing licenses have already been issued to many individuals providing consulting services on a freelance basis and other services under the same status across different industries.

Ajman Free Zone’s freelance license, which falls in one of the 40 categories provided by the free zone, gives freelancers access to various solutions and facilities needed for successful business growth in a highly competitive market. Priced at AED 6000, Ajman Free Zone’s freelance license is considered the most cost-effective in the UAE.

Amid expanding opportunities, the freelancing industry in Ajman and the UAE are well-positioned to mature and become highly competitive faster than expected.


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