TRADE: The backbone of the world's thriving economies


TRADE: The backbone of the world's thriving economies

Trade activity between various countries remains to be an essential driver in the move to raise one's living standards. It provides employment opportunities and further enables consumers to pursue a larger choice of goods and products. The idea of trading, basic as it may appear, dates back to the earliest civilizations. However, the change in times and with the arrival of innovations, international trade has now become more significant as showcased by the larger share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) widely devoted to export and import activity.


Over the last few years, the UAE has been able to maintain an open, free market system that has close links to the global economy. The country has expressed its strong support for open trade and keeps stable trade relations with other economies around the world. This is attributed to its open economy approach--attractive business environment and the promise of continued economic progression. The UAE has well earned its position as a key international trading hub, acting as a key middle man between East and West.


In line with its efforts to establish a more open and diverse economy, the UAE government has empowered its younger generation into finding innovative solutions that can address the challenges being faced in business, government, science and beyond.


A find example of this empowerment can be seen in Ajman's transformation--which is now in a stronger position in the region due to its diversified economy, excellent infrastructure, economy stability and ample foreign assets. The emirate's reputation as a strategic trading hub has given the UAE an advantage in rebounding across the global economy. Ajman has now become a highly preferred global destination for both business and leisure, recognized widely for its strategic location, advanced infrastructure such as ports, roads, transport facilities and industrial hubs.


To date, the Ajman Free Zone is now home to around 230 trading companies operating in the free zone. These companies are from different industry verticals and benefit from the free zone's capabilities to serve its diverse portfolio of customers. The Ajman Free Zone maintains excellent connectivity to other popular locations in the city and is strategically proximate to main roads and the Ajman port.


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