Outlook on growing UAE’s agriculture industry upbeat


Outlook on growing UAE’s agriculture industry upbeat

The agricultural sector is the main component of an overarching food security and economic development program of any country. It is and will always remain relevant to the long-term stability, security, and growth of both developed and developing nations.

In the UAE, agriculture has grown alongside the country’s advancement, even though the Gulf state’s desert environment encompasses more than three quarters of its total area with low rainfall, high temperatures, poor soil, and lack of natural waterways . All the mentioned elements may have initially limited its ability to cultivate livestock and plants. But thanks to its intense focus on innovation over the years, the country now produces and exports fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


The strength of the domestic agriculture industry lies in the UAE’s main food diversity and security policies, economic diversification efforts, and implementation of sustainable and smart agriculture methods such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and organic agriculture. Adding to the sector’s vibrancy are the comprehensive national pest control programs, food waste prevention initiatives, and the rising number of scientific studies and research in the agricultural field.


Investors are drawn to the industry due in part to intensified government support. Across the UAE, companies involved in agri-business and agricultural commodities are growing. Ajman Free Zone particularly hosts more than 20 agri-based firms to date, providing an ideal business location and solutions for them to flourish. The free zone is setting its sights on increasing further their numbers in support of the food self-sufficiency and security strategies of both Ajman and the UAE.


Amid rising growth opportunities, the outlook on the future of the country’s agriculture sector remains upbeat.


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