Ajman Free Zone: Creating success stories


Ajman Free Zone: Creating success stories

Over the last 20 years, the Middle East has made a marked change away from just being oil-dependent to transforming its approach to international trade and development. The region has undergone a change based on its strategic location and accessibility to grow business around the world.

The main reason for this growth is the development and expansion of Free Trade Zones to enable international businesses to set up 100% wholly owned operations with various customs and economic incentives to grow their businesses and bring new international business opportunities.

The free zones and other economic zones have a significant influence on the growth of such opportunities and aids in accelerating the global trade and investment operations in the region. Such free zones play a substantial role in the growth and expansion of the economy, as well as strive after consolidating the Middle East’s status in the international trade alliances. They also bring a range of international businesses from around the world to add new opportunities, insights, cultural qualities, and innovations to each free zone.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is one of the most advanced of these free zones in the Middle East. It’s the preferred choice for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs for its efficient and cost-effective business solutions. The free zone adds value to the business with its efficient, technology-driven facilities and services, and enables companies to set up their operations quickly and conveniently. It operates a one-stop service centre for companies seeking to launch their operations, providing them with an ideal workspace to set up, with all the required operational licenses. It also assists businesses in obtaining licenses, for renewals, and other requirements from the government. Its broad range of licence options, backed by integrated packages of facilities, incentives, and first-class business support services, draw in more international investors and businesses.

The free zone encompasses a one-stop service portal that is the central access point for services and digital solutions to help businesses navigate their commercial journeys. Recently, AFZ has also launched the Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Hub to bring more advanced and innovative technologies to the region.

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Hub supports AFZ in its digital transformation journey and reflects its efforts to achieve the objectives of the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031. It provides digital access to a variety of free zone services for small enterprises, major corporations, academic institutions, and governmental agencies. Additionally, the hub also creates prospects for strategically selling products and services, along with offering a broad array of opportunities to engage in several training programs and other events such as webinars.

Ajman Free Zone recognises the significance of adapting and evolving with time and is all geared up to further solidify its position as a global and regional leader. It is prepared to assist all the stakeholders, partners, and investors reach their maximum potential.

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