Discover the diverse benefits of Ajman Free Zone’s partnership with Amazon Web Services Activate Program


Discover the diverse benefits of Ajman Free Zone’s partnership with Amazon Web Services Activate Program

As an organization that aims to contribute significantly towards the growth of the e-commerce sector in the country, Ajman Free Zone is constantly striving to offer solutions, programs, services, and a conducive business environment for companies operating in the business hub. Through its recent inclusion in Amazon Web Services Activate Program, AFZ reaffirms its commitment to facilitating growth in the e-commerce sector in the UAE and Ajman and aims to find new ways to serve its business partners and investors more efficiently.

The e-commerce sector in the country continues to grow rapidly and has been instrumental to the free zone's success. The new partnership between AFZ and AWS is a testament to this success and reflects the latter’s trust and confidence in AFZ's strategic vision to advance the growth of IT and e-commerce sectors.

The association also brings a range of benefits for AFZ’s business partners, such as enabling licensed companies to sell directly on Amazon and network with 140,000 business partners. These initiatives are certain to offer more opportunities for companies and come in line with the free zone’s strategy to attract more businesses with a wide range of offerings and value-added services.

Furthermore, the collaboration demonstrates the commitment of both parties to creating a favorable environment for startups. AFZ, like AWS, has always facilitated the growth of startup businesses by providing them with cutting-edge infrastructures and solutions, allowing them to access local, regional, and international markets.

The AWS Activate Incentive Program allows AFZ to offer a wide range of programs tailored to boost startups and their growth through unique benefits. The program offers grants up to USD 25,000 to qualified startups, in addition to the AWS Founders Box program, which offers exclusive credits, discounts, and software service access. Similarly, the AWS Startup Migrate program allows businesses to obtain partner funding, credits, and a Business Support Plan with credits of up to USD 5,000.

In addition, the AWS Well-Architected Review program is designed to provide free workload reviews by AWS solution architects, along with the AWS Startup Jumpstart program that helps startups obtain a 50 per cent funding for approved projects. Other initiatives include, the AWS Partner Network program, which offers support in technical issues, market visibility, and sales, and the AWS Marketplace program, providing product visibility, enhanced delivery and billing, and product support.

The Amazon Launchpad program also offers a complimentary FoundersCard credit card membership, and the Alexa Fund program grants equity investments, development and marketing support, and placements at Amazon showcase events, in addition to early access to SDK capabilities.

At AFZ, businesses are supported with comprehensive assistance and cutting-edge solutions that position them for success. The partnership between AFZ and AWS aims to strengthen this strategy, by promoting the e-commerce sector of the country and driving growth for startup businesses.

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