Ajman Free Zone partners with World Free Zones Organization to offer new opportunities for business partners


Ajman Free Zone partners with World Free Zones Organization to offer new opportunities for business partners

Ajman Free Zone has always been committed to facilitating growth and diversification of the national economy. The organization has constantly provided an environment to support businesses and investors since its inception in 1988 and continues to develop various initiatives and partnerships to further this goal. It is in line with this strategy that the Ajman Free Zone has now partnered with the World Free Zones Organization, which is the strongest and most active free zone organization in the world.

This partnership has unveiled a world of privilege for the AFZ, advancing the organization's growth, while also underlining its commitment to growth and excellence. Members of the AFZ's business community can leverage this collaboration and become an Associate Member of the organization for a fee of USD 1,000 and benefit from World FZO's many benefits, including its e-learning platforms, offline training opportunities, and more.

The membership also allows partners and members of the AFZ to access World FZO's range of programs, such as the SME Empowering Program (SMEEP) that offers training sessions on several topics like marketing, management, and more. Other benefits include access to a B2B platform, providing businesses with the opportunity to broaden their networks. It has been specially designed to find and connect new business partners from all over the world. Companies can also enjoy increased international visibility in the market by highlighting their membership to the world’s largest and fastest growing free zone organization. Additionally, business partners can also engage in many global and local events such as conferences, group breakout sessions, webinars and B2B workshops that will be held by the World FZO to provide their partners with better networking opportunities.

Businesses will now have a chance to adapt a sustainable model of functioning through the ‘Freezone of the Future' program that has been designed to empower free zones by assisting them to build and contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future that supports the growth of local economies and communities. There will also be community building initiatives to improve dialogue, knowledge, and expertise among the free zone’s stakeholders. To ensure quality service, certification programs have been introduced to make free zones more competitive, and to provide tenants with state-of-the-art advantages.

Further, one may also keep track of free zones around the world and gain insight into their industry focus and operations through the Zone Atlas Statistics, a flagship point of reference for free zones and the wider business community. There is also the incentives map, a tool developed by the World FZO to identify in real time the latest key decisions of investors and gauge the investment trends of the free zones.

As a partner of the World FZO, Ajman Free Zone is well-positioned to excel and boost the capability of their investors and business partners.

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