Efficient warehouse management with AFZ Or Facilitating seamless warehouse management at AFZ


Efficient warehouse management with AFZ Or Facilitating seamless warehouse management at AFZ

The earliest rendition of warehouses dates back to 2nd century B.C. in ancient Rome, where grains were stored in a complex called the ‘Horrea Galbae’, which were large structures constructed near the Tiber River. These ‘Horrea Galbae’ are the earliest documented warehouse-like structures which served as a storage space for goods.

It was in 1228 that the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, a mixed-use building in Venice, Italy, was built, which was used as residence for merchants and also a warehouse and market for trade. This was the first time when a warehouse was linked with trading. The term ‘warehouse’ was later coined in the early 1300s in Great Britain, but over the years the meaning of the term has undergone drastic transformation and has become a considerably complex concept.

The supply chain has drastically evolved over the years with the increase in transport and commerce. Earlier, warehouses were a small part of the supply chain, but now it has more significance than ever. Standardization, technology and mechanisation have revamped the warehousing systems and warehouses have adapted to become an integral part of the supply chain. Efficient warehouse management has become the need of the hour, and with the increase in its demands, Ajman Free Zone has been offering green and efficient warehousing solutions to its clients.

Ajman Free Zone offers various options in terms of warehouses, ranging from normal warehouses, sustainable warehouses to temporary leasing warehouses. These solutions come with benefits such as free office spaces fitted inside the warehouse, 24x7 security and surveillance, eligibility for 14 resident visas, parking facilities among many others. Being at proximity to major roadways, Ajman Port and Sharjah and Dubai Airports, the free zone serves as an ideal location for businesses. The warehousing services are also available to customers who are not licensed at Ajman Free Zone.

One of the most important factors for businesses while choosing a warehouse is the cost, and some businesses do not require round-the-year warehousing. With this in mind, Ajman Free Zone offers a practical solution of temporary leasing warehouses, which are cost-effective and can be availed as per the convenience of the businesses. Storage of products can be expensive, depending upon the storage space required, services, and facilities, which can be managed by several cost-cutting techniques. With the temporary leasing solution offered by Ajman Free Zone, companies can rent warehouses’ units for short-term in different sizes. It is curated to meet the needs of business of all sizes and includes utilities services. Furthermore, this service is exempted from paying value-added tax (VAT), saving additional costs.

With sustainability being a top priority in the industry in the current times, Ajman Free Zone is also offering sustainable warehouses keeping in mind its environmental impact. The world is witnessing a transformation in terms of climate action, and sustainable practices has become a necessary factor. The sustainable warehouses offer smart solution, with eco-friendly installations and energy solutions. The warehouses use solar energy for power generation and offer effective waste management solutions to minimise the impact on the ecosystem. Business can avail these warehouses to meet their CSR and ESG agendas and ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Warehousing has evolved over the years with companies seeking to maximise profits by effectively utilising spaces and developing smart solutions. It has become a key component of the supply chain, as with the increase in trade across all sectors, there will be an increase in demand for storage spaces with innovative facilities and services. With changing trends in the industry, warehousing and distribution operations are constantly adapting to the emerging changes and increasing expectations of the customers.

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