Ajman Free Zone Takes Precautionary Measures Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Ajman Free Zone Takes Precautionary Measures Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)

  • A range of measure has been put into place by AFZ, including building sanitization programme, and testing of remote working systems
  • Social distancing efforts assisted with digital platform offering over 150 services to customers and investors

As part of its efforts to enhance health and safety, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has launched a set of precautionary measures to tackle the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

These measures include disseminating factual information regarding Covid-19 to avoid spread of fake news as well as implementing a social distancing protocol. This involves requesting suppliers and investors to complete all financial transactions through banks, testing a remote working system, and activating a hotline for communication with AFZ customers along with other methods of e-communication. In addition, a regular programme of sanitization across all AFZ buildings and facilities has been put into operation.

Her Excellency Fatma Salem, Acting General Manager of AFZ stressed on the necessity of making efforts to tackle the virus: "These measures come as part of our commitment to the safety of investors, employees, and customers in AFZ as well as in line with the policies applied by the UAE government to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. On our part, we are working on proactively ensuring the safety of all and preserving the continuity of work regularly in the Free Zone to serve the interests of investors."

AFZ has invested heavily in the comprehensive development of digitized services, enabling customers to establish and operate their business via an online portal, and smart app, giving them access to over 150 services, reducing the reliance on their physical presence.

AFZ plays a pivotal role in the growth of the economy of the Emirate of Ajman as a leading business destination that attracts investors from all over the world (140 plus nationalities and counting) and provides them with many facilities and services.

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