Ajman DED and AFZ carry out a joint inspection campaign on the China Mall


Ajman DED and AFZ carry out a joint inspection campaign on the China Mall

The Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) and the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) have carried out inspection campaigns for economic establishments in the China Mall. The campaigns targeted all economic establishments in the Mall to verify their compliance with the regulations and laws regulating the conduct of economic activities in the emirate.

H.E. Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hamrani, the Director-General of the Ajman DED, said: “In order to achieve its vision of achieving a diversified and sustainable competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation, the Ajman DED seeks to apply comprehensive and intensive control over all sectors and economic establishments in a way that ensures compliance with the regulations and laws regulating the practice of economic activities in the emirate, preserves the principle of competitiveness, and ensures the strengthening of commercial control and consumer protection. The Ajman DED does not overlook the importance of strategic local or federal partners, so we put in our annual plan a set of joint inspection campaigns in coordination and cooperation with our partners.

Al-Hamrani added that the inspection campaign carried out on the China Mall is one of the campaigns scheduled within the approved Inspection Plan 2021, and it primarily aims at educating the enterprises and raising their awareness of the importance of adhering to anti-commercial fraud and intellectual property protection laws, in addition to the importance of adhering to the consumer protection law. The Campaign has achieved the aim for which it is carried out, as the joint monitoring team visited 1,200 economic establishments, as 1,064 economic establishments were educated and 133 economic establishments were warned.

H.E. Eng. Ali bin Towaih Al Suwaidi, Director-General of Ajman Free Zone, said: “This Campaign comes as a continuation of our efforts and initiative aimed at enhancing competitiveness and attractiveness of markets; verifying compliance of companies, investors, and commercial establishments with economic laws and regulations; ensuring transparency; and preventing illegal practices. We would like to commend the efforts and cooperation of the Ajman DED, as this Campaign is part of the processes of educating companies and investors about the importance of compliance with economic laws and regulations issued by the AFZ. In cooperation with the Ajman DED, the inspection team is following up the companies periodically, to ensure required oversight and protect consumers commercially and intellectual property. In AFZ, we will continue our commitment to provide all the necessary factors to enhance the competitiveness of the local business environment, and to increase the momentum of investment and commercial activities, as they are basic pillars for building a more diversified economic system.

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