AFZ strives to protect user privacy and will not gather any information on users, unless the user chooses to provide such data to AFZ. Once you use this website, you automatically agree to the privacy policy, which may get updated without prior notification.

Browsing the Website

When you visit the website to review the content, you will do so as an anonymous user, unless you choose to provide your personal information to us. No personal information is obtained from users who are merely reading content, viewing images or downloading data, except for data used for website administration and statistical usage. Such information can also be used to comply with court orders or to prevent illegal activities.

The following is a review of the kind of data that is gathered and stored automatically on your visit to the website:

  1. Domain name and IP of the site you entered our website from.
  2. Your browser and operating system.
  3. Date and time on which you visited our website.
  4. Our website pages you visited.
  5. If you reached our website from another website, then the domain name and IP of that website.
  6. If you reached our website through a search engine, then the name of the search engine and search term.

Account Online Registration to Benefit from E-Services

Unless otherwise stipulated, if you register to get an account and benefit from related services such as: e-services, using e-forms; then you will need to provide personal information such as your name, email, P.O. and other information. Such information will be used to create your registration and ensure you have access to the available e-services. If registered users choose to receive notifications and updates, they may receive such notices via email.

AFZ does not guarantee that its website is completely error-free or that its server is always connected. From time to time, AFZ may suspend the website for maintenance or security enhancements, so registered users need to take suitable measures to back-up their data to prevent data loss.

Sending Emails or Enquiry Forms

Unless otherwise stipulated, in case you elect to send enquiries or comments using the e-form, and provide your name and email address as well as P.O. number, we will use such information only to answer your enquiry or comment.

  1. We will not share your name, email address and P.O. number with a third party.
  2. We will not create a profile with the information you provide us with.
  3. We will not share your name, email or P.O number with any third party.

Management of Cookies

When you visit the AFZ website, a “cookie” may be installed in your computer, to record your login and facilitate easy access to our website. The cookie may save your username and could be preserved for up to one year. When you return to the AFZ website, the cookie will automatically help to recognize your user name. Those using public computers are urged to log-out of registration, so that their data cannot be misused by other users.

For any disputes arising from the use of this website, only the laws of the UAE shall be enforced. The UAE Courts have the sole jurisdiction to settle any such disputes.

Notification for Changes

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will publish such changes on our main page, so that our users can be made aware of any changes to the information we gather and use and under what circumstances, if any.


In case of inquiries, please send email to [email protected]


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