As part of our strategic plan to make AFZ the best free Zone business destination, we will be prioritizing the following sectors:


The healthcare industry includes providers of diagnostic, preventive, rehabilitative, curative, palliative, and therapeutic services such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, and other private, public or voluntary organizations. It also includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health insurance firms.


The education sector generally includes primary schooling, secondary schooling, and higher education, as well as institutions for vocational training and continuing education. In the case of Ajman, we recommend focusing on further development of higher education (universities and colleges) in the emirate.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology covers technologies that are still immature but promise to deliver significant value in the future, or that have some technical maturity but still relatively having few users (e.g. smart technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.) For AFZ, we look at the emerging markets of nanotechnology and 3D printing in particular.


The retail sector consists of businesses that sell various goods (food, medical, beauty products, personal goods, the sale of pre-owned vehicles and automotive, etc.) to the public through physical stores, online, or via other selling platforms.

Food & Beverage

Production and distribution of edible goods are the two main segments of F & B. Production includes processing/creation of meat, cheese, soft drinks, packaged food, and other modified food. Distribution, on the other hand, involves transporting finished food products to consumers. It excludes food directly produced via farming agriculture, as well as grocery stores and restaurants which are considered retail.