Invest in Ajman


Invest in Ajman

The Emirate of Ajman has rapidly grown in recent years into a robust modern and international community which attracts visitors and investors alike. The proactive and supportive efforts of the Ajman Government to develop its unique resources have led to the creation of a vibrant community for industrial and economic development.

Investing in Ajman presents many opportunities for international investors considering the emirate’s strategic location in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates. Ajman has enhanced its transport and mobility infrastructure such as roads, ports, and industrial facilities to enable trade and commerce expand their reach and become a vital contributor to the local economy.

Ajman Free Zone: A Thriving Economic Hub

The establishment of Ajman Free Zone has further catalyzed Ajman’s economic potentials. Considered as one of the first free zones established in the UAE in 1988, it enjoys an independent status granted by H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman.

It has since steadily progressed to become a major contributor to the emirate’s economy. Ajman Free Zone continues to be the heart of Ajman’s progress and plays a key role in consolidating the emirate’s business community through its highly competitive model, attracting local, regional, and international companies seeking to advance their business in a more sustainable way.

The free zone is defined by its investor-friendly regulations and business operations, advanced technology facilities, variety of support services, and innovative licensing processes and options. It provides a conducive environment for investors and businesses to start their operations in a fast and efficient manner.

Ajman DED

The Ajman Department of Economic Development drives the emirate’s sustainable development at the local level by creating an attractive investment landscape for businesses keen to invest in Ajman and take advantage of the growth opportunities available in the emirate. It provides all the important information, latest economic data and activities, as well as investment opportunities in the emirate. Ajman Free Zone’s partnership with the department in number of business support projects such as consumer right and allowing companies licensed by ajman DED to operate and lease from AFZ

Ajman Tourism

The Ajman Tourism Development Department is a key agency within the emirate which brings to the fore the emirate’s distinctive features as a tourist attraction. It promotes Ajman’s potentials and strategic advantage to hold local and international conferences and exhibitions. It further develops services and tourism facilities that is open for any business to operate and invest in Ajman and drive local and economic growth. Ajman Free Zone has been a partner of the tourism department, enabling companies to benefit from efficient and fast approval of business transactions under a single platform.

Ajman Chamber

The Ajman Chamber offers the ideal platform for the private sector in Ajman to network and establish connections among various sectors, including the commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets. It raises awareness about the development of trade and commerce and provides a gateway for international businesses interested to invest in Ajman to establish their connection and explore key prospects for growth in the emirate. ajman free zone is a distinguished partner of ajman chamber, which provides key benefits to companies, All companies licensed by AFZ gets a chamber of commerce membership certificate which provide many opport unities to businessmen


What is the “Ajman Live Meter” initiative?
It is an initiative launched by Ajman Digital in 2020 where live open data of the local entities in the Emirate of Ajman is used to be presented in a live and dynamic way so that the public can interact and monitor the changes that occur to it.

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